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LeadMedia Group
96 boulevard Haussmann
75008 Paris
+33 1 84 17 81 00

Who is LeadMedia Group?

Founded in 2008, LeadMedia Group is a digital marketing technology and services company, specialised on the one hand, in data collection and qualified audience and, on the other hand, in software publishing and data marketing services.

The Integrated Digital Agency offers solutions of data collection, audience generation and qualified traffic. These are historic activities.

Activities related to software publishing and data marketing services allow advertisers to consolidate their audience data and to add the required intelligence in order to launch personalized marketing actions and to add value to their data capital.

LeadMedia’s Mission is to deliver targeted personalised consumer engagement and retention for advertisers.

Our clients include leading advertisers, e-commerce companies, publishing companies and interactive agencies. We provide them with innovative data marketing solutions to boost the sales of their products and services by leveraging our technology tools.

With a portfolio of innovative proprietary technologies and a team of 200 specialists, LeadMedia Group has developed a real know-how in data marketing. As a result, LeadMedia’s Turnover has quadrupled over the last two years.